1. What is Skillnexus?

Skillnexus is an online education platform. The infrastructure is designed to cater to the learning needs of the world.

2. What type of courses do you offer?

Skillnexus offers three types of courses: exclusive, master class, and premium. Exclusive courses deal with a niche area; master class courses are designed by the veterans of an academic discipline; and premium courses are offered by the experts.


3. Do you offer any live training?

Yes. We occasionally organize live trainings and workshops.

4. Do you offer any free course?


5. How long do I have access to the course?


6. Can I access completed courses afterwards?


7. Do you have any refund policy?

We have a refund policy only for the live trainings or workshops. If a training or workshop is cancelled, learners receive a full refund.  

8. Do you offer certificate?

Yes. Skillnexus offers sharable certificate (on LinkedIn) after successful completion of any course.

9. Do you offer Financial Aid?

Yes. After a careful scrutiny of each Financial Aid application, we either offer discount or free access to the courses.  

10. How long should I wait for Financial Aid approval?

15 (Fifteen) working days  

11. What do you mean by partner organization?

Partner organizations are institutions that get customized and need-based courses, live trainings, or workshops for their teachers, students, or employees.

12. Do you offer any job-related course?

Yes. Some courses are job-focused and vocational in nature.

13. What are the payment options?

You will pay through a verified payment gateway.

14. What do I need to become a teacher on Skillnexus?

Fill out the hiring form.